Who is Austin Shelton?

Hello! My name is Austin Shelton, and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am a first year engineer with the intention of majoring in Aerospace Engineering. The reason why I plan on going into Aerospace Engineering is because I have always had an interest in space exploration.

My dream job would most likely be designing rockets and stuctures that would operate in space and other celestial bodies. I would want to work for a company or organization with an ambitious goal that pushes the limits of modern technology. This company/organization would most likely be either NASA or Space X.

Picture of Austin Shelton

Interesting Classes

  1. Principal of Microeconomics EC201
  2. Early American History HI253
  3. Physics for Engineers I PY205
  4. Calculus II MA241
Clubs/Organizations Website
High Power Rocketry Club link
Tabletop Gamers Club link