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My major

My intended major is Mechanical Engineering, I currently go to North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation year is 2020.

Reason behind my choice

I chose the major of Mechanical Engineering because I have always had a passion for mechanics, I have conducted a research the studies the formation of carbon under high pressure in jet engines, which made me love mechanica engineering even more. My dad has always told me to choose find a major where I would do my job in it for free, and Working with machines and engines would be it. I am planning on conducting more research when I get my degree in that major and finish my graduate studies.
Class Course Title Semester
MA141 Calculus 1 1st
CH101 Chemistry 1 1st
PY205 Physics for Engineering 2nd
MA241 Calculus 2 2nd
CSC113 Intro comp MATLAB 2nd