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Things you probably came here for : Stuff about me/My interests :
. Atari 2600/5200/7800 and Other Classic Systems. . About me and some old pictures
. Get my book: Elementary HTML . Sidewalls - Alan & Mark's cartoons
. Get my book: The Spanish Reference Guide . Look at my transcript
. B-Movie Page . I play foosball and some poker
. Movie Scripts by me!! (With some movies online) . Check out my home improvement projects

Offsite Links/Organizations I'm Involved With : Things That May Interest You...
. Falls Baptist Church . See Alan's C++ Reference Guide.
. WKNC 88.1 FM (1991-2002) My T-Shirt Page . Download some useful C++ files and games.
. ECPI . JavaScript Primer
. Powerkick . Play with Cookies!

Fun Stuff: 
. Play Hangman or Simon . Alan's MADLIB Page.
. My Quotes and Poems - Some original, some not! . My harmonica songs.
. Look at my EVIL popup page. . See some info on YOU, see a little MORE
. Alan's Ladder (Children's card game) .James Caddell's Homepage. (Way outdated!)