My friend Mark and I have been drawing cartoons since December of 1993. Most of our stuff has been published in the Technician, NCSU's campus newspaper. However, we have had some stuff reach a slightly higher plane, but we haven't made any money at this stuff yet! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Also, check this out : Gunpoint Comics actually likes our stuff and has published some on their site!!

[2 Beers] [Dog Outhouses New] [Assaulting an Officer] [Face Rings A Bell] [Spring loaded] [Go To The Car]
2 Beers Outhouses2 Assault Face Bell Loaded Go To Car

[Why Vampires Don't Drive] [Another Useless Gift] [TV Trouble] [Hypochondriac] [Eugene's 1st heart Attack] [Proper Postage Required]
Vampires Useless Gift2 TV Trouble2 Hypochondriac Heart Attack Postage2

[Eskimo Salesman] [Jordan vs Bird] [Chickens and Pigs] [Beer Picture] [udder Confusion] [Superman]
Salesman Jordan vs Bird Chickens/Pigs Beer Picture Udder Confusion Superman

[the 8th Dwarf] [Devil's exit]
8th Dwarf Devil's Exit

[Ant Jokes] [Toys 4 Tots] [I'll Be Bach] [Hills] [Duck!] [Outhouses]
Ant Jokes Tater Tots I'll Be Bach Beverly Hills Duck Outhouses

[Buggin'] [Bone] [Norman Carrot] [Squirrels] [Cell Phones] [Chess]
Buggin' Buried Bone Norm Carrot Squirrels Cell Phones Chess

[Inmates] [Chicken] [Cordless] [Useless Gift] [Helper] [Drunk Traps]
Inmates Chicken/Road Cordless Useless Gift Dad's Helper Drunk Traps

[Fire Ext] [Fork] [OK 2 Drive?] [Grog Says] [Cousteau] [Kiss My Ass!]
Extinguishers Fork/Road OK To Drive? Grog Says Cousteau Kissing Booth

[Moses] [Noah] [Postage Due] [Quack] [Reindeer Games] [Silly Putty]
Moses Noah Postage Due Quack Reindeer Games Silly Putty

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