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This page is going to be dedicated to the scripts I have written and films/videos I've made and encoded.
Some videos are here, but I've also put these and more on my YouTube page!

McMurder (Did somebody say...McMurder.) ©2002 [Animated Blood!]

Not really sure what inspired me to write this short script, but it is pretty funny. Now if I can only find a location that will let me shoot it!

Blood Clown ( over.) ©2001 [Animated Blood!]

After getting my feet wet in film, most of the cast and crew reunited to make the second 324 Production in the same vein as Halloween Nightmare. I wasn't able to do dialog, so I played with more special effects and makeup....I must say, this came out pretty funny. I kept the bad acting and campy effects we all love!

Public showings of Blood Clown:

Download it here: Blood Clown (Right click, choose save link as)

The Driveoff - ©2001

My first experience with film....about a minute.

Public showings of The Drive Off:

Download it here: The Driveoff (Right click, choose save link as)

Halloween Nightmare ©1995 [Animated Blood!]

This is the script I decided to shoot for my MALS project. It takes place where I work and around my house, so there was no one to say I couldn't do it!

Public showings of Halloween Nightmare:

Want to see it? Download it here: Halloween Nightmare (Right click, choose save link as)

WKNC - A Behind The Scenes Look ©1995

Here's a documentary on WKNC that got me 1st place in the 1995 ITVA awards for documentaries.

Download it here: WKNC Documentary (Right click, choose save link as)

Card Catalog ©1993 [Animated Blood!]

This was the original script I wrote for my Master's degree, but the people at N.C. State's library had a cow about me disturbing people...don't they know bad horror movies are more important than studying? I guess not, but here it is....

Be sure to check out the text version of the script of FRIDAY THE 13th PART I before you go! And also, see the script that won me $50 from Troma!
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