About Trystan Persing

My name is Trystan Persing. I am a freshman first year engineering major with an intent of going into computer science. I would like to go nto computer science because it is a field that interests me as well as the field I have had the most experience in. I enjoy coding and doing fun projects, as well as having the large variety that the computer science job industry has to offer.

My past job before coming to NC State was being an instructor for my taekwondo school. We had to teach younger children not just kicking and punching but about life skills they need to know as a martial artist. It was a good way to demonstrate leadership and also taught me many lesssons that I couldn't learn anywhere else. It was my favorite place to work and train.

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Intersting Classes

  1. CSC 402 Networking Projects
  2. CSC 405 Introduciton to Computer Security
  3. CSC 470 Network Security
  4. CSC 482 Advanced Computer Game Projects

Name of Club Link
HackPack Link
Taekwondo Club Link