Hi everyone!!  I am glad you were able to find my webpage.  As stated above 
			my name is Adina Stock and this is my webpage.  I guess for those who don't 
			know me this would be the time for me to tell you about me.  I was born in 
			New York City and from there I spent the first 3 years of my life in East 
			Rockaway, Long Island.  After those years my family moved to Westchester, 
			NY, where my parents still live today.  I have an older brother who lives
		        in Chicago and an older sister who lives in Baltimore.  From the age of 6 
			I began a sport that would continue through my life and help get me into 
			college, that sport was gymnastics.  I did club gymnastics all through 
			middle school and high school and achieved many awards that would aid in 
			my being recruited to compete for the North Carolina State gymnastic's team.  
			Currently I am a junior here at state majoring in psychology and in a couple 
			of months I will begin my 3rd year competing for State.   

MomMy mom's name is Sharon, she was born in New York City and grew up in Queens, NY. She works as a bookkeeper.
DadMy dad's name is Michael, he was born in New York City and he grew up in Brooklyn. He works as a computer consultant for a company that sells computer equipment to furniture stores.
BrotherMy brother's name is Ed, he is 24, he lives in Chicago where he is looking for a job in computers. He went to Geneseo, a state school in NY, where he majored in computer science and minored in business.
SisterMy sister's name is Liz, she is 22, she is currently attending law school at the University of Maryland. She went to Lehigh University where she got her major in sociology.
BirdMy bird's name is Elvis, he is actually my dad's bird buthe has been with us for quite some time, but he usually is mean to most people so I am not too fond of him.


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