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My name is Bailey Arteta. I am a freshman at North Carolina State. I am studying to become a chemical engineer. I chose chemical engineering because I like chemistry and Math. My second choice major is Mechanical engineering.

My favorite hobby is scuba diving. I am a licensed scuba diver and have over 30 dives of experience. I have swam in the carribean mainly but have done a few local dives. The best dive I have had was swimming with sharks deep underwater. Scuba diving can be very dangerous if you are not careful thats why its required to have a license to be able to participate.

Nike Reddit

    How to Make a Sandwhich

  1. Get bread
  2. Get peanut butter and Jelly
  3. spread the peanut butter and Jelly on the bread
  4. put the pieces of bread together
  5. consume the sandwich
Class Expected Grade
MA241 C
E115 Pass
Ch111 B
HI252 A
Scuba Boat
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