Have a Nice Stay

My name is Brad. I'm a freshman in the FYE program. My current intended major in mechanical engineering.I chose mechanical as my top prospect because I my mentors growing up were mechanical. Based on what I've heard from them and seen here in workshops and the like mechanical is my best choice.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing instruments. I was in band in school for 7 years and had a great time. Since graduating high school I haven't had much time to play but I enjoy it when I can. I play mainly trombone and baritone but also alto sax and guitar to a lesser extent. Out of those I Only brought my guitar to school. I figure it's the least intrusive of the lot, living in a dorm and all.

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  1. flatten dough
  2. spread sauce
  3. add cheese
  4. add steak and olives
  5. cook
EC205 MA141 CH101
marching baritone