Hi I'm Brett Bell!

My image.

About Me

I plan to become a Biological Engineer with a concentration in Agricultural Engineering. I attend North Carolina State University where I plan to graduate in May of 2020.

Why I Chose my Major

I chose to be a Biological Engineer because of love the environment surrounding us and I want to work to make it better. I want to work outdoors and on my passion of farm machinery. I plan to eventually work for a company designing and producing farm equipment for the use of farmers worldwide.

Skills and Qualities

  • I have a passion for and experience with some of the agriculture technologies already in existence
  • I enjoy using creative methods to solve problems
  • I am comfortable using most features of Microsoft Excel
  • Class Course Title Semester
    BAE 100 Introduction to Bioengineering Spring 2017
    BAE 325 Introduction to Geomatics Fall 2018
    BAE 302 Transport Phenomena Fall 2018