Brittany Connor's E115 Assignment

Hi, my name is Brittany Connor. I am a Freshman in Biomedical Engineering. I have wanted to be this type of Engineering since my Sophomore year of high school. I have a strong desire to help others and I am good at mathematics and sciences. I really hope to create prosthetics for wounded soldiers and other individuals that have lost limbs. I want to help people regain confidence and their lives back.

My favorite hobby is tennis. I have played since I was in sixth grade. I play year-round and now I am currently on the club team here at North Carolina State Univerity. Right now, as I am typing this paragraph, I at a hotel in Wilmington where we are competing in a tournament. I have enjoyed playing tennis for many years and I hope to do the same for many years to come.

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  1. Buy supplies to make a pizza.
  2. Bring supplies home and preheat oven.
  3. Top pizza with cheese, cheese, and more cheese.
  4. Bake pizza until golden, take out of oven, and enjoy.

Class Grade
E115 Pass
PY 206 A
ENG 101 A

Tennis Courts where the NCSU Club Tennis Team Practices