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My name is Brad Davis. I am a freshman in the College of Engineering at NCSU, and I plan to major in Biomedical Engineering! I am very excited to study Biomedical because I have a sincere interest in the human body and the way medicine functions. I also have a passion for studying all types of science, and my major is a great inclusion of all kinds of life sciences. I hope that someday, my ideas will change the way medicine works, specifically with regards to understanding the human brain. Fortunately, I am at the best place to start accomplishing those goals, and I am looking forward to a great 4 years at NCSU.

My favorite hobby is and always has been soccer. I have played soccer since I was 5 years old, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I played the sport all throughout high school and continue to play in college on intramural teams. I have practiced constantly and played on many teams. I also spend my free time juggling a soccer ball. The sport is called freestyle football in other countries, and I play it whenever I can. The sport involves performing tricks with a soccer ball without the use of hands.

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My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Open a white bread sub roll and evenly distribute roast beef over the bread.
  2. Evenly add several slices of provolone cheese on the sandwich
  3. Add equal amounts of lettuce and tomato on top of the cheese
  4. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and close the sandwhich

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A
CH 101 A
FLF 201 A
E 115 S

An Awesome Soccer Shot!