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"We take the pain out of boating"

About EZ Boat Gas:

    We are a small business dedicated to delivering marine fuel to customers along the North Carolina coastline. EZ Boat Gas was found in 2016 by Benjamin Ellmers and first setup operations on Topsail Island North Carolina. Now we serve the entire North Carolina coast and have the ability to refuel anyone anywhere in a matter of minutes. We operate just like any other refueling company. But what makes us special is our unique app that anyone can download and setup to become a customer. With our app you can request or schedule a fill up 24/7 without even having to leave your house. You can even pay for your purchase using the app! Once you request your fill up, one of our local fuel trucks will come to you. No waiting in line at the marina and no putting your boat on a trailer and driving it to the nearest gas station. Even better than that, all of our fuel is 100% Ethanol free! Which means a longer better life for your marine engine.

Our Mission:

    At EZ Boat Gas, our main goal is to take the hassle and high prices out of refueling your boat. We know there is nothing worse than sitting in line at the marina in 100 degree heat to just get some boat gas to have a good time out of the water. Whats worse is when its finally your turn, you have to pay an arm and a leg for fuel! We strive to provide quality 100% Ethanol free fuel to all of our customers for less than the Marinas and to make our customers lives easier by coming to them. Our team of friendly fuel truck drivers are trained and experienced to get you the fuel you need fast and easy.