Brooke Flexon's Resume


My Major

My intended major is marine science with a biological concentration. I am currently at North Carolina State University where I am a part of the college of Sciences. My anticipated graduation year is May of 2019.

Career Goals

I am still deciding on what exactly I want to do with my degree. One possibility is to become a shark biologist. With this, I would like to study either shark attacks or the interaction between sharks and dolphins. Another possibility would be to work in a rehabilitation center for marine mammals such as dolphins and manatees or even for sea turtles as well. With that job I would like to focus on the rehabilitation of animals with lost limbs and helping them to learn how to use prosthetics.

class course title semester
MEA 100 Earth Systems Spring 2016
MEA 200 Oceanography Spring 2016
CH 201 Quantitative Chemistry Fall 2016
MA 131 Calculus Fall 2016
BIO 181 Biology Fall 2016