Welcome to Homework 6

I am Bryan Gonzalez. I am a freshman interested in majoring in computer engineering. The reason why I chose this major is because I want to learn more about computer hardware. Overall, computers are being implemented everywhere cars, phones, Tv's. etc. I believe that the computer industry is growing and the job outlook seems great.

I can't point out a single hobby that I like the most, but I am going to talk about one. I like to play basketball. I played basketball since I was little and played on my high school's basketball team. I play basketball with some friends at Wake Tech Community College since NC State's gym is packed in the afternoon. When playing with my friends, I like to shoot half court shots.

Basketball "E115 Document Request Part of Unrevised Essay Only"
  1. Call Pizza Place
  2. Order your Pizza
  3. Wait after ordering
  4. When you hear a knock run to the door and pay the delivery guy
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
USP 111 S
USC 102 A+