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Hi! My name is Bryson Groccia, and I'll be graduating with the class of 2019. I intend to go into Nuclear engineering,because it looks to have tons of potential for the research and development of new energy sources. It also pays really well, which doesn't hurt. I also feel as though I'd like learning bout the all the small and unexplainable phenomena that govern our world. Big stuff, like space, is cool too, but even that is governed by the smallest of occurrences and full of the smallest of particles. Knowing how the world works is kind of my thing, so this major looks like an awesome way to learn what microscopic forces govern our macroscopic lives while still leaving opportunities to make some good money.

I don't do a whole lot, so hobbies aren't really a thing I identify with. I do play some video games though. One title I've been obsessing over recently is Monster Hunter. Basically, you go and hit these big monsters until they kick the bucket, then you cut pieces of them off and turn them into clothes (and weapons too, the grind is part of the fun). The mechanics of it go more in depth (like, a lot more), but for the sake of brevity, that about sums it up.

On another note, there's this concept that cats are better than dogs. This just isn't true. Dogs are smart, loyal, and ooze personality. Don't get me wrong, cat's are great, but I'd opt for a dog any day of the week. Cat's spend too much time hiding away somewhere, but a good dog will follow you everywhere. I'd rather have a pet that actively seeks to please me than one that passively accepts its next meal.

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Slamwich: A Comprehensive List

  1. Get some bread (the kind they serve at Outback is great for just about anything)
  2. Apply honey mustard and mayo
  3. Deploy turkey and ham (the deli-cut kind, not that pre-packaged stuff)
  4. Close it up and chow down, my man
Class Grade
Eng 101 A
E 115 S
Calc AB A

Monster Hunter!

(Here's a picture of one of the flagship monsters. He's my favorite!)