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My name is Bruce, and my major is chemical engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy chemistry, math, and physics. I also enjoy being challanged. I like learning about our natural world and the chemicals, and molecules that compose it.

My favorite hobby is playing video games and distance running. I have always enjoyed playing video games since I was a wee one. My second hobby is distance running. Barring injury, I enjoy hitting the road at early hours of the morning. It's nice to soak in the scenery and see the city when nobody is out.

I'm actually impartial to cats. I could love them or I could leave them depending on the situation. Dogs are the same too. I like my dogs, but other people's dogs are subject to exreme judgement, and need to make a good first impression on me. If they don't, well, there's nothing I can do to help them. Resume . Reddit!!!!

  1. Get some dough
  2. Add some sauce
  3. Put all the vetetables on it!!
  4. Bake it

  5. Chemical Process Principles A
    Organic Chemistry A
    Differential Equations A