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Hello internet! My name is Bryce Hosseini, and I am a first-year computer engineering student at NC State University. Ever since middle school, tinkering with all sorts of computers and learning how each part works has been one of my favorite hobbies. My goal in studying computer engineering is to translate this passion into an ability to develop advanced computer hardware. Ultimately, I hope to be one of the many computer engineers around the world who are building the future foundations of our ever more computer-driven society.

Currently, my dream job is to be part of a team designing cutting-edge microprocessors. It would indeed be a fulfilling experience to see my handiwork in some of the world's latest and greatest laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As such I hope to one day work as a computer hardware engineer at an industry-leading company such as AMD, Intel, or Qualcomm.

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  1. CH 101
  2. MA 241
  3. ECE 109
  4. HESS 245
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