I am Benjamin Labra. I am a Freshmen. My Major is Computer Engineering. I choose Computer Engineering since I like computer. I hope to one day do research in new computer technologies.

So far I had only had to Breaks, Summer and Fall break. Only Fall break felt like a break since I had not start School yet. In my fall break, I visited my old High School. Meetup with some friends that I hadn't seen since Summer. I spent time with my family and play Minecraft with my litter brother.

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  1. Go to place that serves pizza.
  2. Choose pizza size.
  3. Choose crust.
  4. Choose toppings
  5. Place Order.
  6. Enjoy Pizza.
  7. Course Name Excepted Grade
    E115 S
    MA 242 A
    E101 A
    Ch 101 A
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