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Brooklyn Longest

Module 1

Shape Name - Krystal

The shape I chose to create is a geometric heart-like shape,
without the typical pointed end and curves that a "heart" would normally have.


Rule 1: Roation

Shape is rotated clockwise 360 degrees
in four 90 degree intervals from the inner most point.

Rule 2: Translation

Shape is translated upward until reaching
the center point of the previous shape.

Rule 3: Reflection

Shape is reflected horizontally and layered
on top of the original shape.

Versatile Shapes

Shape is translated 50% to the left
and right, and then the center shape is reflected horizontally.

Shape is rotated 45 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise and then reflected

Shape is reflected horizontally and then translated up 50%.

Embedded Shapes

The embedded shape found here appears
similar to a diamond.

The embedded shape here reminds me of an
hourglass figure/shape, twisted or rotated
many times.

This embedded shape has a similar
look to the under armour logo or a bowtie
pasta noodle.


The kind of connotations that relate to my shape design would reffer to as being
"firm" or "solid", solely because of the original shape. It has a base, it is
square-like rather than circular. A square-like form is usually seen as stable, orderly,
or dependable. These connotations are very popular among fortune 500 companies,
campaigns, or other organizations that strive for a dependable or trustworthy ideology.


Speaking about my shape from a delightful point of view reffers to the aesthetics
of the shape. It is a somewhat simple shape in theory, although it has seven sides and
seven angles. It's design allows it to be rotated, translated, or reflected in a way
that creates an appealing image/shape.

I find this shape to be very versitlie, because it can accomplish a smooth, sort of
circular image or it can create a piercing, more geometric form.

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Using Scratch to display the shape "Krystal" translating upward and downward by 50% in each translation.