Bryan Munoz

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Intended Major

My name is Bryan Munoz, and I am currectly a freshman at North Carolina State University looking to graduate with a degree in Paper Sceince and Engineering. I anticipate to graduate in the spring of 2020.

Why This Major

I chose to persue a degree in PSE for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is job security. This degree program has 100% job placement after graduation, which is something that very few prgrams can offer. I also find the paper indusrty to be very interesting. Paper is an amazing technology that only few people truely understand. I want to be able to not only understand this technology, but also make the indusrty more efficent in order to minimize its enviromental impact.

  • Able to use PI Processing
  • Able to collaborate well with others
  • Adabiltble to many work enviroments
  • Class Course Title Semester
    PSE 201 Pulp and Paper Properties Spring 2017
    PSE 212 Pulp and Paper Properties Fall 2017
    CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Spring 2018