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Hello, my name is Ben Overby. I am a second semester freshman. My major is elecrical and computer engineering. I chose this major because I am not satisfied with the current state of computer technology and wanted to do something about it. I also like to solve problems so it seemed the best choice.

My favorite break from school was during my senior year in high school. It was a class trip to New York City. On the way in we stoped by the best bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey and I had an amazing red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. During our week there we did all kinds of neat stuff like seeing two broadway plays and visiting the statue of liberty. I think my favorite activity was the plays.

New York

I am mostly indifferent to March Madness. When I do pull for a team it is usually the underdog. I suppose the tension of a good game is something I like. I hardly ever fill out a brakett. I think it's amusing to hear people talk about how their brakett is all messed up this year.
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  1. get sliced bread, turkey, and ham
  2. get bread and butter pickles, A1 sauce, lettuce, and pimento cheese
  3. put a thin layer of pimento cheese on both slices of bread
  4. put about two slices of both meats on top of that
  5. place the lettuce on next followed by the pickles and A1 sauce
  6. finally put the other piece of bread on top of it all and enjoy

Expected Grades

ECE 109 MA 242 E 115
88 93 Pass