I spend a lot of my time on the internet

Hello. My name is Ben Pesek. I am in the first year college at NCSU, but want to be a Comp Sci major. I am interested in this major because I spend all of my time in front of computers and might as well be able to make a living out of it. Computers are my best friend becaue they don't throw tomatoes at you.

My hobby would be mostly video games and random shows online. Are you really surprised a comp sci major is telling you that their hobby is to play video games? I tend to play adventure/mystery games. Sometimes horror but horror games scare me because they are spooky. Just like Halloween. Halloween is very spook.

NCSU niconico
Take a gander here at this paper I wrote in regards to genetically engineered crops and the future of food as we know it. I wrote this over the summer before freshman year at college. Wasn't that just a beautiful time for all of us? The apples were so ripe back then.

    How to make a dank sandwich

    1. First. You place down fresh bread that you made that morning with your cracked and dried hands from working all day out in the pastures
    2. Then, you gently apply mayonnaise and a thin layer of cheese. Ahh, yes. That is the good stuff
    3. Then, some ham. This ham came from the pig you raised when you were a child. It almost tastes... nostalgic.
    4. Put that there piece of bread on top to finish it all off. Be sure to use packing tape on the sandwitch so nothing falls out
    Class Grade
    Calc 2 B+
    Physics C+
    Philosophy B

    This is an image of my hobby pls no bully: