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Hi My name is Brett Rayfield and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am enrolled in the college of engineering and I currently plan on pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am leaning towards Mechanical Engineering because I really enjoy physics and I would like to work in research and developement.

I have only held one job in my life. I obtained a job at a local Domino's Pizza resturant during my senior year of highschool and I worked there untill I left to come to State. I worked as a customer service representative. This position required me to answer phones and take orders, make pizzas, work the oven and box orders, and address customer concerns. In my time there I regularly had to interact with customers and I had to work as a team with my fellow coworkers

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  1. CH 101
  2. MA 241
  3. EC 205
  4. ENG 265
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