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My name is Ben Stockley. I am currently in the FYC program. I chose this major because I thought it would help me transition to a new Major. The FYC college has been the best thing to happen to me because it allowed my freshman year to be one about gaining experience in many different facets of my life not just school. I am also looking to CODA into the Business Administration college my sophomore year.

My favorite hobby is fishing. I spend alot of time during the summer with my friends at one of our local ponds and think that the water is very calming. I would go fishing almost every other day in the summer. I havent had that much time to fish at school but I'm excited to go back and fish.

  1. Get the number for the pizza place
  2. Call the number
  3. Tell the person what size, what topping, and how many pizzas you want
  4. When the pizza guy gets there give him the required amount of money and a good tip for being on time
Class Grade
English Precalc USC 102
B+ A B