My name is Brad Bondurant. I'm a freshman. I'm currently majoring in Physics but plan on adding Computer Engineering as a second major once I complete E 115. I chose physics simply because I enjoy it. I want to add CE partially because of my interest but also to give myself more options upon graduation than just a physics degree would offer.

Well, I don't really have a favorite animal. I have had a few pets over my life, though. When I was little I had a dog named Ruby and two cats: Murphy and Shasta. I currently have a dog named Elliot and cats named George and Winston. I'm not sure whether or not I'll buy pets in the future.

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How to order a pizza:

  1. Open computer
  2. Go to website of desired company
  3. Choose pizza and toppings
  4. Enter payment information and have pizza delivered

Class Expected Grade
MA 341 A+
PY 411 A
CSC 112 A+