All About Bruce Welcome to the page devoted to me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ About Me My Name is Bruce Clay and I am in my second year at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Technology with a concentration in agriculture machinery systems. Some of my interest are being outdoors fishing or hunting. Another thing I like to do is take things about and put them back together. One more thing that I am interested in is graphic design. In CSC 200 there are a few things that I enjoy. One of them is that I am learned more about computer security and finding out that there is not really as much security as people thing. Another thing I like is that the test don't count for too much of your grade because I am not a good test taker. Somthing else I like is that there is not too much homework. One thing that I dislike about the class is having to us Snap because it is so simple that it is complicated. Picture of Bruce holding a fish Here is a link to the CSC 200 Moodle page: Click here Food Group Like Dislike Dairy Ice cream Skim milk Fruit Orange Banana Grains Bread Oatmeal Protein Steak Lamb Vegetables Broccoli Butterbeans