Welcome Luke, Please Give me a 100

I am Brian Kuttler and I am majoring in chemical engineering. I chose chemical engineering becuase I enjoy chemistry, specifically, electrochem. Also, it doesn't hurt that there is a high demand for chemical engineers and they pay well. Chemical engineers have a very positive impact on the planet and I look forward to the day that I can join them. Chemcial engineers play a key role in many needed goods such as oil and medicine.

My favorite hobby is snowboarding. I am apart of the ski and snowbaord club at NC State. The club is a ton of fun, there are great people in there and it's an economical way to do an expensive hobby. The best trip was the last one, we went to Snowshoe Mt. up in WV. I actually fractured my radial head on the last run of the season, which kind of blew, but if there was a time to hurt myself that was the time. I can't wait for next season.

Escher Chess Drawing
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  1. Obtain dough, cheese, green peppers, onions and tomato sauce
  2. Toss the dough, forming a circle
  3. Spread out the sauce on the dough
  4. Sprinkle the cheese and other toppings on the pizza
  5. Bake in an oven for 25 minutes
  6. Let cool, the enjoy!
Class Grade
Calc 3 A+
Chem 201 A+
PY 208 A

Photo of a sweet mountain