Hey Pal welcome to my website.

My name is Bailey "BAEley" Blankenship, and I'm a first year electrical and computer engineering major at NC State. I decided to choose ECE because of my affinity for computers and desire to eventually create biosensors that process myoelectric signals from the body. Myoelectric signals are pretty dope, but they require some hardware to read, so I'm going to learn how to make said hardware. Also, I decided to choose ECE because it's a double major, so I can sound extra ostentatious when conversing with potential employers. I'll also be minoring in business because being able to sell my inventions is pretty important.

My favorite hobby is definitely eating cereal. There's a large variety, so it never really gets boring. Even with the wide selection, it's hard to find something not tasty. Even raisin bran is pretty good. The one downside to constantly consuming cereal is the erosion that occurs on the roof of my mouth. Still, life with cereal is worth the absence of my mouth-roof.

Omg Laser Pew Wow check out my resume

Make my fave pizza:

  1. Get some dough.
  2. Flatten said dough into a circle-ish shape
  3. Roll that dough
  4. Cover that dough with butter and garlic sauce
  5. Hit em wit dat mozarella cheese
  6. Put some carmelized onions and anchovies on
  7. Bake.
  8. Consume

Check out my grades cause that's information that the world needs to know

Course Grade
E115 S
USP 110 S
E101 A