Welcome to Brian's personal webpage!

My name is Brian Gentry, and I am a freshman at NC State University who intends to major in Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I'm a huge nerd. I really like science - for this, I blame Bill Nye - and I frequently do math on my free time. As such, engineering seemed the logical choice, and it doesn't hurt that graduates tend to have high salaries. In all seriousness though, I want to go into the medical field in some capacity, and I think ChemE is the way to go.

My favorite break from school was the winter break in the middle of my senior year of high school. My family decided to go to Disney, the happiest place on earth. While I was there, I got a picture with Chip and Dale; I was a little taken aback, probably because they were 200 times the size of your average chipmunk. But I had no right to judge, because the ridiculous amount of delicious food I was consuming was making me 200 times the size of your average human. Though Christmastime at Disney is pretty crowded, the festivities - and the rides - make it the most wonderful time and place of the year. I wanted to live there forever; unfortunately, my parents somehow found my best hiding spot and wouldn't let me stay.

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  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Dial Domino's Pizza, NOT Gumby's
  3. Order nothing less than an extra large with everything on it
  4. Wait an unbearably long amount of time for the pizza guy to drive to your location
  5. Tip the pizza guy and pay for the pizza, too, I guess
  6. Eat it
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A-
PY 205 A-
HON 202 B+
EC 205 A
E 101 A
E 115 S