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My name is Blake Hall and I'm a freshman in the NC State engineering program. At the moment I am planning on majoring in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always been interested in the mechanics of technology and how things work. Mechanical engineering seems to be a field that is in demand, pays good, and will help better people's lives. Mechanical engineering has appealed to me since seventh grade.

This past summer break was very enjoyable. To start with, I obtained a new Jeep at the beginning of the break and spent a lot of time cruising around with the top off, whether it be on the way to fishing hole in a field somewhere or simply riding down backroads with my girlfriend. Also, I went to the beach 5 times throughout the summer with my friends, girlfriend, and family. I also worked on a farm, and although the work was extremely tiring and not very appealing, it still allowed me to have a good amount of spending money to have fun. Whenever I needed a time to kick back and relax I would go fishing.

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  1. Take microwavable, frozen pizza out of freezer
  2. Read the microwave instructions on the back of the box
  3. Follow the specifications/directions on the back of the box
  4. After following the instructions and heating the pizza according to those instructions, take the pizza out of the microwave
  5. After the pizza has cooled to a temperature that won't burn your mouth, eat the pizza
Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A
ENG 101 A
HESR 256 S
Guys Fishin' in a Jeep