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My name is Brian Chen. I am class of 2014. My major is Mechanical engineering, soon to be industiral. I picked this major because it suites my dream job and it pays good. Also I won't have to sit infront of CAD all day.

My favorite hobby is racing cars. I love street racing, drifting, and much more. I've gotten a couple tickets for illegal racing and drifting, but that doesn't stop me. My parents get pretty mad at me, but I pay for it all so they can't complain. I've lost more than I have probably won, but it's still fun.

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  1. Get bread
  2. Spread mayo on bread
  3. Put tomato slices on it
  4. Put the top piece of bread on
Course Expected Grade
E115 Pass
CH101 B
HESS 245 Pass
Street racing