My name is Ben Lykins. I am a freshman at NC State. My major is undecided as of right now. Currently, I am an undeclared Life Sciences major, but I doubt I will stick with that. I have a few options for a mjor, including Industrial Design and Computer Sciences. Both of these include an interest of mine.

My favorite break is probably summer break. It's the longest break, and it allows me to go home and get a job. That's important because I really need the money. I also get to spend time with family and friends that I haven't seen in a while. Plus, it's warm, which is a good thing.

I mostly enjoy March Madness. I played basketball in high school, so I can appreciate the high stakes and emotions involved in these games.
It seems like the games get more intense every year. I don't watch every game however, that's too much. I also hate it when the team I'm pulling for loses,
especially early in the tournament.

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Is it Christmas?

How to Make a Sandwich:
  1. Grab the materials
  2. Prepare your stomach
  3. Make the sandwich with lots of love
  4. Eat it. It's really that simple

CSC 116 Psychology MA 141

Favorite break = Summer
 Beach Sunset