Welcome All :)

I am Bernice McGriff. I am a first year student in the exploratory studies major. I plan on going into engineering. I am not sure if I would want to do industrial engineering or textile engineering yet. If engineering does not work out for me I think I would want to major in statistics and minor in business administration. I like working with numbers so I know I want my degree to be math based.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I have played since I was really young and love it. I like playing because it is a great form of exercise. I play pick-up a lot and I play intramurals all the time. I love watching games on t.v. as well. Anything basketball related is usually interesting to me.

Favorite Website My Resume

    How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Call Marco's Pizza
  2. Ask for a medium pizza
  3. Ask for their white sauce
  4. Ask for the Meat Supremo
Class Expected Grade
USC 102 A+
CH 101 B
CH 102 A+
MA 241 B