Hello there! My name is Chance Newton, and as you can probably guess, I am a freshman at NC State University.

However, one thing that I bet you won't guess is that my major path is actually in applied nutrition. Weird right?

Though I orignally applied to, and was accept by, NC State with a computer science intent, I have been able to see over the course

of these past few months that my true passion lies within the understandings of health and nutrition. I guess I just really like the idea of working with food.

My favorite hobby is, like most teenage boys, to play videogames. Well, it's probably a tie between that and running, but videogames have been

a part of my life for much longer. My very first game was Pokemon Crystal way back when I was only five. In fact, it was this game that truly aparked

my desire to learn how to read. I was always asking my dad to read what the game was telling me, and I was getting tired of needing outside help.

I made it my goal to become a self-sufficient Pokemon player. Over time, I slowly progressed from console to console to where I am today with my Xbox one

and Steam account. My favorite series of games include: Pokemon, Halo, Gears of War, and Dark Souls.

Where I Waste Time on the Internet

My Resume

How To Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Go to Mellow Mushroom
  2. Order a pizza with every vegetable within budget
  3. Make sure to substitute regular cheese with vegan cheese
  4. Devour pizza

My Classes/Expected Grades

E115 CH101 NTR301

Solaire of Astora