Welcome to Bryce Patisaul's professional webpage.

My name is Bryce Patisaul, I'm a Computer Science intent in the class of 2021. I chose Computer Science because I am interested in working in the field of cybersecurity, and in my opinion, CS is the best major to learn skills relevant to that field.

Over the summer I worked for a security firm called Agari, which provides email security to large companies. While there, I helped to research new types of threats that our clients were seeing, and develop a taxonomy to classify these threats. From there, we were able to use AI to automatically identify and correctly respond to even the most advanced types of attacks, that would easily fool traditional defenses like spam filters.

Photo of my friend and I at the summit of Blackcomb mountain.

  1. Rock Climbing
  2. SCUBA
  3. History of Modern Science
  4. E115
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