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My name is Benjamin Ritchie. I am a freshman here at NC State. I plan on going into electrical engineering. I chose electrical engineering because of the curriculum on renewable energy. I would love to work with renewable energy later on. As for the engineering part, I love science and math, so engineering seemed like a good fit.

Since I'm a freshman, the only break I've had from school was fall break, so I'll talk about my favorite break in general. That break would be winter break. The holiday season makes winter break seem so lively. I like visiting with family and friends, and getting to sit around and relax. Optimally, it would snow a lot, but usually that doesn't happen in Raleigh. Also, hot chocolate makes everything better.

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How to Order Pizza

  1. Decide what you want to eat
  2. Pick up a phone
  3. Call the pizza place
  4. Tell them what you want to eat
  5. Tell them where you live
  6. Pay the pizza guy for the pizza
  7. Give the pizza guy a nice tip
  8. Eat your pizza
  9. Enjoy your pizza
  10. Savor your pizza
  11. Reflect upon this experience
Class Expected Grade
Calculus A-
Chemistry B
Economics A+
Philosophy A
Winter Break Snow