A little bit about Bryce Sit

My name is Bryce Sit, I am a freshman in the College of Engineering interested in majoring in mechanical engineering or computer science. I've always been interested in mechanics and machines, how they work and how to make them better. Any automation of production has always caught my eye, as well as things such as amusement park rides and forms of transportation. As for computer science, I've always been a fan of computer games such as League of Legends and influenced by my friends who are all interested in the major of computer science.

My current job could be classified as a full-time student, but over the summer I worked part time in a movie theater selling concessions and cleaning theaters. I wouldn't say I had a real dream job at the moment, but I want to be financially stable in the future. Becoming a pro Esports player is a sort of dream of mine, as well as becoming a Kpop star, but neither are very probable.

A picture of me

My list of favorite classes at NCSU

  1. Japnese
  2. Introduction to Computing Environments MATLAB
  3. Physics
  4. Thermodynamics

Some clubs I'm a part of

Club Name Website
Esports Club Esports Club