My name is Brandon Sweet, and this is my first year here at NC State. My major is to be decided, not because I can't find anything that interests me, but because I am interested in everything. I am taking engineering classes in case that is the path I choose, and right now, it seems like the path I will most likely follow. In the specifics of Engineering, I find Chemical, Biomedical, and Chemical to be very interesting. I really enjoy helping people, and I hope that an advanced degree such as one of these will allow me to do so on a large scale.

One of my favorite hobbies is exercising. I find exercising to be a great outlet, especially in the form of sports. I am currently on an intramural basketball team, and am participating in the Residence Hall World Cup. I played lacrosse and tennis when I was in high school, and I almost joined the club rowing team here at NC State. Along with playing sports, I also like to go to the gym for a good workout.

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Wolfram Alpha Homepage

This is my Resume

How to make my favorite Pizza:
  1. "Roll out the dough"
  2. "Generously apply the MARINARA"
  3. "Throw on all that delicious mozzarella"
  4. "Don't forget about that delicious hmaburger meat and various spiced sausages"
  5. "Bake at 350 for 3 hours or until burnt into a crouton"

Class Expected Grade
Calculus 2 B
Physics 1 B
World Population and Food Prospects A+
USC 102 A+

Roger Federer