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I am currently attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington with my attended major being Civil Engineering. I am participating in a 2+2 program through NC State University and baring my acceptance letter in April should be attending NC State in the fall of 2017 as a Junior. My anticipated graduation date is Spring of 2019.

Reason for Major:

I chose this major becuase it is exactly what interests me. I enjoy working with and helping people. This degree will allow me to design, protect and connect people together. I really enjoy mathmatics and this degree relies heavily upon the ability to understand many math concepts. I hope to have many fruitful years of enjoying this new career path that I am seeking.

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Course Title


MAE 206 Engineering Statics Spring 2017
E115 Intorduction to Computing Environments Spring 2017
MAT 335 Linear Algebra Spring 2017