Hello Everyone!

My name is Bryan Wall. I am a freshman this year and plan on graduation in 2017. I am currently dual majoring in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I selected these majors because I like chemistry and paper. The program is very small with the freshman class containing around 40 people.

My favorite break from school is summer break. This is my favorite break becuase I usually travel with my family to Europe. I get to see various countries and cultures as a travel. Also, since the temperatures are typically nice over the break, I am able to participate in outdoor activities. Some activities I enjoy are golfing, playing soccer, swimming, and making paper.

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  1. Call pizza place
  2. Select number of pizzas
  3. Choose toppings for each pizza
  4. Go to pizza place and pay for pizza
Class Grade
CH101 A
MA141 A
ENG101 A

summerbreak picture