Welcome to my webpage!

Hi, my name is Branden Wells and I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University. I am hoping to major in Aerospace or Nuclear Engineering because both of these topics are extremely interesting to me. With my degree, I just want to be able to help the world the most I can and be one of the top performers in my field.

Before moving into college, I worked as a mechanic at a local shop back home. I had worked there for a couple years and it was nice learning everything I did. It was not the most desirable job as a teenager but I am glad I worked there because I feel that I am a better person for it.

A photo of Branden

My Favorite Classes

  1. Religion and Freedom Seminar
  2. Calculus
  3. Matlab
  4. Physics

Club Name Club Link
Ski Club Ski Club
American Nuclear Society ANS