Bryant's Homework Website

My Name is Bryant C. White I am currently a freshman at NCSU. I am enrolled in there FYC program and my major is undeclared at this time. I have decided to Transfer to NC States Bio and Ag Engineering program in the near future. I choose this major because I come from an agricultural background and have a good working understanding of machines.

My Favourite animal is a dog. This is because I own a four year old Pit Bull, Boxer mix. She is the most loyal and loving pet I have ever had.

Rudy's Diesel
Xtreme Diesel Performance

How to Order a Pizza

  1. Call Papa John's
  2. Select crust style
  3. Select a minimum of two toppings
  4. Give them your location
  5. Wait

My Classes

Classes Grade
Ma141 A
Ch101 B-
E115 s
Ch102 A+

My Dog