Welcome all and one!

Howdy folks, I'm freshman Ben Adamcik, and I want to be an Aerospace Engineer. Specifically, I want to make rockets! Why rockets? As a kid, I grew up on Star Wars and The Transformers, and thus had an enthusiasm for high-tech wonders. My goals are twofold; first, I wish to see man explore space. Second, I wish to spread the word of God throughout the cosmos.

My favorite break was the Summer break of 2011, when I was but a rising high school senior. What made that break particularly amazing was that my Venture Crew (think co-ed Boy Scouts, only with more adventuring) went to Huntington Beach State Park down in South Carolina. Huntington Beach is a beautiful place. There's no major lights around, the beach is quieter than Myrtle, and the wind always keeps it cool. It's also neear Brookgreen Gardens, which is part Nature Preserve (with an aviary with such things as herons), part sculpture garden. And there's always Murrel's Inlet, if you want restaurants.

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How to order pizza:

  1. Make sure you are functioning.
  2. Obtain keys and wallet.
  3. Enter car.
  4. Ignite engine.
  5. Travel to pizza joint.
  6. Engage in verbal exchange indicating your desire for a pizza.
  7. Ascertain that you have enough currency, commonly known as the dollar in America, to satisfy the Pizzamonger's desire for wealth.
  8. Exit the pizza joint, and return to your house. You have successfully ordered pizza.
Class Grade Expected
Chemistry B,B+
Calc 1 A
Chem Lab A
Huntington Beach, SC