Let's hope this is the last assignment I need to do...

My name is Ben Austin. I am currently a sophomore and am majoring in
Nuclear Engineering. I chose this major, because of the opportunity
for research, and because I've always been interested in nuclear energy.
I hope to help make fusion energy a viable energy source for the future.
Jobs in Nuclear Engineering also pay really well.

I don't really have any hobbies. I guess if you consider learning about
random stuff that I'm curious about a hobby, that would be it. Every time
I hear something that makes me think or that I'm not sure about, I look it up.
This has led to me knowing a little bit about a lot of stuff. I might do well
on Jeopardy.

Please click the below link to go to my favorite website.

or not

Please click here for a copy of my resume.

This is how I order pizza

  1. Go to dominos.com
  2. Hit the "reorder" button
  3. Look at my email to see when it will be ready
  4. Drive to pick the pizza up
  5. Drive home to eat it.
Class Expected Grade
Intro to Psycology A
E115 Pass
Underwater Basket Weaving U (for underwater)

It's an image of my thoughts sometimes

I like dogs more than I like cats. I read a study that said that the
reason people like dogs so much is because they make eye contact. I think
this could be true. My dogs make a lot of eye contact. It can be annoying
sometimes if they're hungry though.