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My name is Breanna Autry and I am a freshman. I really like buildings and structures in general, so naturally Civil Engineering is my intended major. I've known I wanted to work on structures since early in my high school years. My dad was a combat engineer in the military and made me build things as a kid, so I have always had a passion for it. I am not sure what concentration I would like to focus on yet. Well considering we have only had one "break" from school and I don't like only having one option I will add in Weekends as a break. Weekends are my favourite break because the come at the end of my Friday 9:10-10:00 class. My weekends are generally filled with the sleep I missed during the weekdays. I sleep during the day and participate in fun campus activities at night. I also don't do any school work from Friday at 3:00pm until Sunday at 12:00pm.

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    1.gather all ingredients.
    2.make pizza crust.
    3.put sauce and cheese on top of pizza crust.
    4.bake the pizza.

Course Expected Grade
CH 101 B
MA 141 B-
ENG 101 A