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Hello, my name is Ben Houston. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and I am seeking a degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy solving problems and creating useful items.

In high school I was a part of a robotics team that participated in compititions. While on the robotics team I helped assemble the robot, wire the robot, and brainstorm ideas. My other extraciricular activity was volunteering at the local library where I helped with the book circulation and library upkeep.

My dream job would be a freelance mechanical engineer. I would like to work on a variety of different challenges that could improve the lives of many. As a freelance engineer I might travel around the world to help a customer.Traveling around the world is not just something that I would like to as a part of my job, but also as a personal experiance.

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  1. Solid Mechanics
  2. Physics 205
  3. Calculus III
  4. Introduction to Engineering
Classmate Name Major
Andrew Chemical Engineering
Noah Mechanical Engineering