Welcome! Heres some information about me

Hello my name is Brad LaSelva. I am a freshman and an intended environmental engineer. I chose this major because i am interested in human and environmental interactions. I love working outdoors and thinking about how natural problem can be solved wit human intuition. I care about the health of our future earth and hope to brighten its future through problem solving.

My favorite hobby is fish keeping. I have kept many different types of fish, including sharks. I am currently keeping small oriental shrimp called cherry shrimp. I used to keep small reef tanks that were modeled after my favorite coral reefs. I have been keeping fish tanks since i was 3 years old.

A very soft kitty

How to make a grilled cheese

  1. Pick your bread
  2. Select your cheese
  3. Warm up a frying pan
  4. Brown the bread to perfection
Name of class Projected Grade
CH201 A+
MA241 A-
HON297 A-
A cute clownfish