Welcome to the second page about me!

My name is Ben Learn. I am currently a freshman in the college of engineering with a mechanical engineering intent. I chose mechanical engineering because I am very visual in my learning and I enjoy creating things. I want to pursue a career in manufacturing with my degree.

Over the Summer, I am hoping to get a position as a ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch. Philmont is a high-adventure-base for the Boy Scouts of America where scouts get to backpack through New Mexico. As a ranger, my responsibilities would be leading a crew for the first 2 days of their trek teaching them skills and etiquete in the outdoors. I attended Philmont two Summers ago and it was an amazing experience, hopefully I can deliver a similar experience to the scouts that follow my footsteps.

Professional Picture of Ben Learn
  1. CSC 113, Intro to Matlab
  2. PY 205, Physics for Engineers
  3. HESF 106, Triathalon
  4. MAE 408, Internal Combustion Engine
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