I am Blake Ledlow, I am a first year engineering student at NC State with an electrical engnineering intent.

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I intend to double major with one major in electrical engineering and the other in computer engineering. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina University and will hopefully graduate in the spring, 2020.

Why I Chose Electrical Engineering

I chose to double major in electrical and computer engineering because I don't know excatly what I want to do but I find elctrical engineering very interesting and very broad. I know that I can do almost anything with a degree in electrical enginneering and adding the degree in computer engineering is not hard and it just makes more options for me. I don't exactly know what I want to do with my electrical and computer engineering degrees, but I know they will offer a wide array od options for me.

Class Course Title Semester
E 115 Intro to Engineering and Problem solving Fall 2016
ECE 109 Intro to Computer Systems Spring 2017
ECE 209 Computer Systems Fall 2017
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Spring 2018
ECE 212 Fund of Logic Des Spring 2018